Saturday, September 22, 2007

Class Update--Wherein I explain how I've accomplished very little

This is a quickie since I have to leave for a guild meeting in less than an hour.

I decided on a design--a female vampire in the middle of biting a male victim--and spent quite a bit of time looking for possible poses online. Yep, I image-googled "embrace," "vampire and victim," "vampire embrace," and even looked at specific vamp movies with actors I liked. Looked up a few other possible search combos ("woman hugging man" etc.). There wasn't a lot to work with but I finally found something with a pose I LOVE.

The woman is wrapped around the man at his shoulders and they're kissing, which I don't exactly want. The sketch I found doesn't show the man's lower body but that's probably fine because I'm going to make him kneeling. I think I'll have the man kissing the vampire's neck and the woman preparing to bite. I really want the vampire aspect to be very subtle so that people looking at it don't notice that right away--just that there's an embracing couple.

Alright, gotta run now...

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